Uncle Kracker - Under the Sun Tour

A nice review from Peter Roche (Cleveland Music Examiner) of the Under the Sun Tour rocking the Hard Rock in Northfields, Ohio.

” […] Detroit-bred Matthew Shafer rounded out the evening with a half-dozen fricasseed folk-rock anthems with his five-piece band.

Shafer—better known as Uncle Kracker—was spinning turntables in buddy Kid Rock’s Twisted Brown Trucker Band back when the other Sun acts were notching Billboard smashes. But his 2000 solo debut—Double Wide—showed a country side to the Motor City rapper that caught on with radio listeners. Kracker’s been cranking out Skynyrd-flavored fare ever since.

The troupe maintained the festive vibe with “Better Days” and “Good to Be Me,” but it wasn’t until “In a Little While” and “Follow Me” that fans truly got into the proceedings, quitting their folding chairs to dance in the aisles.

We didn’t catch the names of Kracker’s band members, but it was nice seeing a woman in the male-centric Under the Sun fold (the red-head on Kurzweil keyboard). We also dug the band’s soaring Stratocaster and Les Paul guitars, and the bassist’s Fender Jazz jaunts (and Motorhead T-shirt).

2009 single “Smile” was another crowd-pleaser, but it was Kracker’s cover of Dobie Gray throwback “Drift Away” that sent folks off with their ‘90s fixes sated.”  READ ON

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